Sara-Belle (aerogoddes) wrote in ipod_4_dummies,

"Various Artists" vs. actual artist

I just got an 80g classic ipod and am having a few problems with the way albums are listed in itunes vs. how they're listed in my ipod.

When I transfered all of my music from Windows Media Player to itunes some albums that had multiple artists weren't recognized as one album but many different ones. I really have just over 300 albums but because it separated them it showed I have about 350 albums.

I finally figured out that when I found all the tracks for one album and selected "part of compilation" for each track, they'd all end up together on one album, but under "various artists." I had to go through and change "album artist" to all the same artist and then the album shows up alphabetically by artist then album name... but only in itunes.

I've synced my ipod at least four times trying to get the albums to line up correctly like they do in itunes, but they won't line up. I've added and deleted albums and those have shown up but albums I've switched from various artists to the actual artist won't change the artist name on the ipod.

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