Kate (ladyynara) wrote in ipod_4_dummies,

Slow iTunes and iTunes not syncing any artwork

I hope you fine people can help me because I've been trying for 3 days to get this to work and failing.

I have an ipod touch, bought recently. Everything was working fine with it and itunes, until something unfortunate happened to my laptop and everything had to be reinstalled, including windows. Clean wipe, but I had transferred my music folder onto an external harddrive before the wipe, so that got saved.
I now basically have a clean laptop, but since installing itunes it's been running slow. Nothing else running, yet it takes longer than it should to bring up menus, scroll etc. I have completely uninstalled it and reinstalled with a fresh download of the set up and it's still running slow.
The most annoying part is iTunes will not sync ANY artwork to my ipod touch. I've tried taking all the music and podcasts back off it, resyncing, resyncing just one playlist at a time, I've tried redoing the artwork, everything I can think of. I can see the artwork in itunes, I can even see it through the device on itunes, but absolutely no artwork is being transferred in the sync. I don't understand why!!
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