Kathy (paperwitch) wrote in ipod_4_dummies,

Cannot change iTunes store anymore

Well I installed iTunes 8.0 today and everything is fine, except that i cannot change my iTunes store anymore with the button down below in the iTunes store window.

Whenever I want to change it to the US store it says: "Couldn't connect to store. Connection was reset due to time out of the connection. Check your internet connection and try again." (Which I did various times...nothing happend, I only get the same stupid error message)

My connection is absolutely fine and I don't know where there problem is.
I live in Germany and therefore I cannot buy music etc. in the US store ( I still don't get why Do I have to fly over to the US to buy a record legally? *shakes head*) but until now I could at least browse it (to be honest: most of the german music sucks and I normally browswed through the US store and checked if I could download the songs I liked from the german store later on). So , what can I do about it?

Maybe it has to do with the new "Genius" feature of iTunes? I activated and checked it out, disliked it and therefore eactivated it again. And since then the problem occured.

Suggestions, please?

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