drox (drox) wrote in ipod_4_dummies,

Upgrading songs to iTunes Plus

I've just spent much of the evening upgrading some of my long-ago iTunes purchases to iTunes Plus (for better sound quality and DRM-free-ness). But I see that only the songs I've actually paid money for are on the list of music that can be upgraded.

I have, over time, also downloaded a fair number of iTunes' featured free songs of the week. These too came to me in copy-protected can't-be-read-by-the-other-guys'-players .m4p format. Some of these songs I have come to REALLY LIKE, and I'd like to be able to take them with me if I ever switch to a competing music player. Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the free downloads to iTunes Plus? Am I going to have to actually PURCHASE the songs that I once got for free, just to get them in a more useful format?
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